Saskia and Jamie {Perth Wedding Photographer}

Jamie was in Sydney training for the army reserves. Saskia was traveling around Sydney on a working holiday from Germany. They met under theSydney Harbour Bridge . Jamie was out with friends and asked Saskia for directions on her girls night out.

Saskia invited them for a drink at bar and they exchanged numbers to meet up later in the night to go dancing at The Ivy Pool Bar. Jamie being the gallant young man that he is walked her home and they talked out the front of her building for hours.

Saskia decided to venture across to Perth and Jamie and his family offered her a place to stay while she enjoyed the best Perth had to offer. From there you could say the rest was history!

They braved the cold winters night to join me for their engagment shoot atJindalee Beach and the beautiful Perth skies put on a show.

What a stunning young couple!

_MG_1540 _MG_1548 _MG_1549 _MG_1552 _MG_1572 _MG_1580 _MG_1581 _MG_1587 _MG_1588bw _MG_1599 _MG_1607 _MG_1612 _MG_1617 _MG_1624 _MG_1625 _MG_1626

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