Lauren and Hamish’s Breastfeeding Photoshoot (Perth Newborn Photography}

It is a curious commentary on our society that we tolerate all degrees of explicitness in our literature and mass media as regards sex and violence, but the normal act of breastfeeding is taboo. –American Academy of Pediatrics

Although Australian this statement can still be applied which is achingly sad. For months we watch our bodies grow and expand beyond what seems natural and finally we have a little bundle of joy to call our own. We then begin a new journey, one not often celebrated. The journey to successfully breastfeeding our child. For some mums it does not come naturally and is an incredibly difficult feat to accomplish. For others it comes as naturally as breathing (only 30% of women surprisingly).

Seeking to overcome the social taboo my beautiful friend and her little boy were in studio today for a very special and personal photoshoot.


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