Your Maternity Session

One of my biggest regrets as a mother is not having a pregnancy photoshoot done with either of my boys so I know just how special it is when I have an expectant mum in front of my camera. Perfect lighting, flattering posing and beautiful gowns or lingerie are used in every maternity photoshoot to showcase a growing bump at this amazing time in a woman’s life. Pictures can be taken at an agreed upon location of your choice that we’ll discuss prior to your shoot. Nude maternity shoots are usually done in the privacy of my home studio where it is warm and mums can relax. I’d also love to include your husband or partner and any siblings in your maternity shoot so please feel free to bring them along.

Your shoot is best done between 32 and 36 weeks when you are most comfortable. Every woman is different and second/third/fourth time mums may feel bigger earlier so closer to 32 weeks may be most comfortable for you. You need to be able to move comfortably during your shoot so if you are booked in for later in your pregnancy and find it is getting harder please contact me asap so we can book you in sooner. Your maternity session will be an hour.

What to Wear?

First a small note on things that are important to take care of. Your hands and feet will feature in your photographs so don’t forget to pay them some attention (that goes for dads too) and make sure you are well hydrated because it will show in your skin. Do your make up and style your hair so you feel beautiful and sexy (or better yet have someone do it for you). A strapless bra works best under every gown however if you don’t have one it’s best to wear the most supportive (think underwire) bra that you have so everything is held in place when I tuck in the straps.

For the dads: solid and simple clothing is best for example jeans and a black vest or t-shirt or jeans and a business shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Try to avoid logos and very bright colours.Black, white, grey and navy are timeless. Light colours and textures are ok too. If you are choosing to have some nude photographs taken it is best to come in something loose and flowy so you don’t have many lines on your skin. Of course anything that is there can be retouched. Your photographs are all about showing casing you so if you are not sure and want to bring a selection you are more than welcome. For boudoir maternity photographys any of your favourite matching lingerie a perfect! Black and white are timeless however all colours are beautiful so feel free to experiment!

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