Your Maternity Session

When to book?

32 – 36 weeks is usually the best time to have your beautiful bump photographed. That being said if you are carrying small you may want to wait a little longer. If you are carrying larger you may want to come in earlier (between 28-32 weeks). You want to show off your curves without being so uncomfortable that you don’t enjoy the experience. My job as your photographer is to make you look amazing and sexy and feel pampered and special. All of your photographs are tailored to suit what you would like. Nudes are optional and tasteful.

What to Wear?

First a small note on things that are important to take care of. Your hands and feet will feature in your photographs so don’t forget to pay them some attention (that goes for dads too) and make sure you are well hydrated because it will show in your skin. Do your make up and style your hair so you feel beautiful and sexy (or better yet have someone do it for you). Now for your clothing: Please ensure that whatever you choose makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Clothing that is fitted to your belly will show off your curves beautifully. Bandeau style tops and strapless bras are great to wear under wraps. Beautiful lingerie can also be incorporated for a slightly more boudoir styled shoot. Your boobs are going to be twice their normal size by the time you come for your photo shoot and you want to show them off in their best light. You also want to make sure they don’t blend in with the bump created by your belly. Now is definitely the time to showcase your curves! Tops or dresses that are clingy are encouraged and ruching down the sides will accentuate your belly. Long flowy skirts that sit under your bump, jeans, and pants all photograph well but make sure they sit quite snuggly under your belly so it’s not one long curve.

Maternity style pants with panels are great if you are comfortable but I may fold them down to create separation for you. Colour and texture are great. Try to wear different colours on top and bottom eg try not to wear all black as this will blend. Where possible try to avoid very bright patterns as they can distract from you. Jewellery and scarves, heels, flats or barefoot can all be incorporated.

For the dads: solid and simple clothing is best for example jeans and a black vest or t-shirt. Try to avoid logos and very bright colours.Black, white, grey and navy are timeless. Little boys should be dressed like daddy, Light colours and textures are ok too. For little girls there are a selection of tutus and hair pieces available. If you are choosing to have some nude photographs taken it is best to come in something loose and flowy so you don’t have many lines on your skin. Of course anything that is there can be retouched. Your photographs are all about showing casing you so if you are not sure and want to bring a selection you are more than welcome. You can also bring anything special you have your little one that you would like to included eg a tiny pair of baby shoes.

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