Your Newborn Session

When to Book?

It is never too early to book your newborn shoot. The key to achieving those sleepy, curled up poses and having is a successful shoot is to photograph your baby within the first 10 days of life. Babies over the age of 10 days are more alert and do not sleep as much so are more difficult to curl up and pose. That being said, with patience and some help from mum, some amazing photographs can be taken all the way up to one month old. I typically need a minimum of one months notice to book your newborn shoot as babies rarely arrive on their due date. Ideally the day after arrival I can be contacted to book the session for your new baby so I can ensure you are booked in and ready.

What to Expect?

~ A typical newborn session is two to three hours long depending on the needs of your baby. We have to make time for feeding, changing and settling. Accidents will happen, frequently, and changing setups after they have been pooped on also takes time. It is also a good idea for mum and dad to bring a change of clothes as they accidents may happen on them too! If baby is bottlefed please bring additional bottles in the event that more than one is needed. Please dress baby in something that doesn’t have to come over his/her head so I don’t disturb them too much when I undress them.

~Baby will be photographed in  a variety of wraps, pants, hats, headbands and carefully selected props so there is no need to bring anything other than your standard nappy bag unless there is something sentimental you would like to include.

~ Babies pick up on stress so it is important that mom and baby are relaxed. If this means that mom wants to chatter as I work that is fine. If you are exhausted and would rather sit back and relax that is ok too. Meeting you and new baby at the beginning of their lives is a priviledge and ensuring that you and your baby are calm and happy is of utmost importance.

~As the sessions take a while please ensure you bring along snacks if you need them, especially if other siblings are in the photos. Family photos with additional children will always be taken first so little brothers and sisters aren’t expected to stay clean for too long.

~The studio is kept warm for baby’s comfort so please don’t dress to warmly. Parents are welcome to sit in the adjacent lounge room if they are too hot in the studio.

~Neutral clothing is the best idea. Bright colours will distract from your baby. A black option is also welcome :). Please bring a change of clothes in the event baby decides to cover you in something.

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